Queensland Health has denied there are any IT issues at Nambour Hospital.
Queensland Health has denied there are any IT issues at Nambour Hospital.

Health bosses deny major issues at Coast hospitals

QUEENSLAND Health denies the rollout of a new computer software system has created havoc at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service facilities.

The brand new $135 million hospital purchasing system, S/4HANA, reportedly crashed just two hours after its launch on Thursday last week.

With the system used to buy everything Queensland Health orders, staff have complained it has left them unable to order vital medical supplies, because the old system has been shut down.

Unnamed sources from Nambour Hospital raised concerns with the system's rollout to the Sunshine Coast Daily.

But they were refuted by the governing body.

"There's no change to the world-class, free, safe, care Queenslanders receive from our hospitals," a Queensland Health spokeswoman said.

"All 16 hospital and health services have confirmed that clinical services are operating as usual.

"The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service confirmed yesterday afternoon that clinical services at Nambour Hospital are operating as usual."

An email obtained by The Courier Mail showed health bosses had admitted to "teething issues" with the new system while placating those who had complained directly to managers about the chaotic launch.

"As with the launch of any new way of working, there have been a few challenges along the way," corporate service deputy-general Barbara Phillips wrote on Wednesday.

"Earlier this week, some of you contacted me directly about situations you have experienced as your hospital and health service adjusts to the new ways of doing things."

She said a dedicated support team was working to resolve issues as they arose and standard processing would return to normal within the next week.

The Financial System Renewal Project is already over its projected budget by $30 million and had to have its initial 2018 launch postponed amid continuing glitches.