ADVANTAGE BILOELA: Biloela SHS's Senior Tennis squad, Owen AMbrey. Noah Bongers, Stuart Arnold and Jared Cullen.
ADVANTAGE BILOELA: Biloela SHS's Senior Tennis squad, Owen AMbrey. Noah Bongers, Stuart Arnold and Jared Cullen. Contributed

Heading back to the state finals

FOUR students from Biloela State High School have secured their spot in The Queensland School Sport Team Tennis Competition State Final in September.

Owen Ambrey, Noah Bongers, Stuart Arnold and Jared Cullen are the four young men who defeated their rival schools in Rockhampton at the Capricornia Regional Final to qualify for the State Final.

Helan Ambrey from the Callide Valley Tennis Association (CVTA) said it's a great achievement for the boys and the school overall.

"It's only the second time this has happened that we know of in the time that the school has existed,” Ambrey said.

"Its a big thing for a state school.

"We beat Rockhampton Grammer in the semi-finals and they've held the title in this competition the last 12 years and didn't lose a rubber during that match. "

Three members of the current have managed to keep the nucleus together since they all played at the state level in primary school.

"3 of them (Noah, Owen and Stuart) and have played at the State Final at primary school level for St Joseph's in the Brisbane International School competition,” Ambrey said.

"Noah and Owen have played twice and Stuart once at a state final for a school.

"They've stuck together and now they are here in their final year of school.

"All four of them are very good tennis players and have played for the the CVTA.”

Jess Austin from Biloela State High School said that boys were wrapped when they qualified for the State Final.

"They were very excited,” Austin said.

"It was a hard final game for the boys, with a couple going down in their sets.

"But because of their really great work for the rest of the day, they were bale to keep the win in the end.”

The winning boys teams at a number of Regional Finals are still yet to be determined with those eventual winners promising to offer stiff competition.

"The metropolitan areas are still to be decided but there's schools like Brisbane Boys College and Kelvin Grove which have full tennis programs running in them,” Ambrey said.

"Previously Brisbane Boys College have actually made it through the State Finals all the way to the world play-offs.”

The boys will again travel to Rockhampton to play-off in the State Final on September 19-20.

Matthew Davidson is the 5th player that will also travel with the team.