Hazard reduction burn planned for Miriam Vale area

RESIDENTS are warned there may be smoke in the Miriam Vale area on Saturday as hazard reduction burns are conducted.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) in conjunction with other agencies and local property owners will be conducting a burn along Fingerboard, Tablelands and Round Hill Road in the Captain Creek and Miriam Vale areas.

The burn will commence at about 10am and will continue throughout the day.

Depending on the weather permitting, it is expected approximately 650 hectares of land will be burnt along Fingerboard Rd in an effort to reduce the large amount of vegetation in the area which has grown over the wet season.

About 50 Rural Fire Service Queensland, local SES volunteers and Gladstone Regional Council personnel will be on site at this burn and traffic controllers will be situated along Fingerboard Rd to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Hazard reduction burns are a vital tool to reduce bushfire risk and the QFRS are well equipped to ensure conditions are suitable and adequate resources as assigned.

It is possible wind conditions on the day may result in smoke impacting residents in the area and therefore it is vital they keep their doors and windows shut and medication close by if they suffer from a respiratory illness.