HAVE YOUR SAY: GBR not considered as 'in danger'

The status of the Great Barrier Reef has avoided being downgraded by UNESCO's World Heritage Committee but the future of the ecological treasure remains subject to close scrutiny.

As expected, the committee meeting in the German city of Bonn confirmed on Wednesday the findings of its draft report released last month.

That draft recommended Australia report back on its progress in implementing its Reef2050 plan by December 1 next year, but decided against listing the reef as being in danger. 

The Brisbane Times reported that a regular five-year review of the reef's health must also be completed by 2019 ahead of a "most rigorous" review by the World Heritage Committee by 2020, the body heard on Wednesday.

Does UNESCO's decision regarding the status of the GBR concern you?

This poll ended on 08 July 2015.

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Yes, it's a big part of tourism and environment in Gladstone.


No, it doesn't bother me.


It should be on the list, Gladstone's industry is destroying the reef.


I think its being looked after well.


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