Would you be prepared if you were cut off by floods?
Would you be prepared if you were cut off by floods?

Have you got your storm season kits ready?

IN a storm emergency, your household could get stranded by floodwaters or cut off from power, water or gas.

It is wise to have two kits ready in storm season, one in case you get stuck, and one for if you have to get out.

If you run a business, you might consider having an "I'm stranded" kit ready in case your staff is flooded in at work.

If you live in a flood-prone area, or if a cyclone is threatening, it would be worthwhile preparing an "I'm getting out" kit well before you need it.

Check your kit every three months to stock up and rotate supplies to ensure provisions are fresh and safe to use.

More info on www.emergency.qld.gov.au

The "I'm stranded" kit

Consider putting the following in a waterproof storage container and store it somewhere with easy access:

  • Enough non-perishable food for three days
  • A small gas burner (you can get one for $20) with butane gas refills
  • Couple of clean towels in case everything else gets wet.
  • A transistor radio + batteries
  • A torch or lantern + batteries
  • Bottled water (10 litres per person is enough for three days)
  • A first aid kit including insect repellent
  • Toilet paper and toiletries
  • A utility knife and duct tape
  • Plastic garbage bags and ties
  • Water purification tablets

The "I'm getting out" kit

  • Multiple changes of clothes for all household members stored in watertight plastic bags (long pants, long sleeve shirts, hats and strong shoes)
  • Medicine and prescription
  • First aid kit + sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Extra food and water
  • Important documents (or a USB stick with documents scanned on it)
  • Pillows, sleeping bags and blankets for each household member;
  • Books and games for children;
  • Baby formula, food and nappies
  • Valuable, and mementos in waterproof plastic bags;
  • Cash
  • Mobile phones and chargers