We have a beer with Glenn Butcher.
We have a beer with Glenn Butcher. Mike Richards

Have a beer with... QAL superintendent Glenn Butcher

NAME: Glenn Butcher.

Occupation: Maintenance superintendent at QAL, president ALP local branch and president of Gladstone Rugby League.

Years lived in Gladstone: 30.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me… Either at Marley Brown Oval or at home with the family.

My guiltiest pleasure… I am in a syndicate that owns two racehorses, so I don't mind a dabble.

When I was young, my dream was to… Be rich and famous.

I can't remember the last time I… Swam a lap of an Olympic pool.

When I leave the NightOwl carpark I turn… Left. My brother is a police officer and would book me.

My date to the Grammy Awards would be… My wife.

I would consider Mal Meninga to be my hero, more so as a coach and leader.

When I go out in Gladstone you'll find me at… The Harvey Road Tavern dancing on stage with the Raidettes.

People say my doppelganger is… My twin brother Wayne.

My first order of business as newly-elected PM would be... to put Tony Abbott and his opposition on a boat and not tell anyone about it.

What are you spruiking? I am passionate about the success of the Gladstone Rugby League and the fact it's the greatest game of all.