Hats off to a brave couple who are shaving for a cure

NAOMI Viney is a brave lady. Much braver than me anyway.

Naomi and her partner Darryn shaved their heads for Shave for a Cure on Friday, March 15.

In the lead up, I asked Naomi if she was scared. I was scared for her. But she said she couldn't care less.

She's not even going to wear a wig.

"Hair grows back," she said casually.

Wow. I think when she said that I gave my golden locks a loving stroke just to make sure they weren't going anywhere.

The thought of cutting it short, let alone shaving it off is terrifying.

After speaking to Naomi and her husband, photographer Chris Chan and I discussed whether or not we'd ever be up for the challenge.

Neither of us was keen, but we agreed if someone close to us was going through cancer, it wouldn't even matter.

In Naomi's case, it was her partner Darryn's mum. The couple is getting married in March next year and they joked that hopefully it will have grown back by then.

That hopefully they'll be able to recognise themselves in the photos.

I thought what a great way to be, and how nice that they're in it together.

While I won't be cutting off my hair anytime soon, it's definitely inspired me to at least think about giving something a go; maybe hot pink will be a good starting point.