Help is just a phone call away. Picture: Caird David
Help is just a phone call away. Picture: Caird David

Harsher punishments needed for drug dealers and smugglers

THERE is no doubt that Australia's drug problem is getting more and more out of control. Drug dealers and users like the effect drugs like ice, heroin, cocaine and marijuana have on themselves, and know that the courts will let them off with a slap on the wrist and a verbal scolding by the judges. And then they just go and do it again.

Sending them to jail does no good, because when they get out they just re-offend. I think the punishment should be made to fit the crime.

It is about time the government brought back the head stocks and cat-o-nine tails whip. Drug traffickers, dealers and users should be put in head stocks, and the public be allowed to throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at them and laughed at while another person whips them from behind with a cat-o-nine tails until they are raw and sore.

They used to do this during Biblical days for such offences, so I see no reason why it cannot be implemented again today. The criminals will soon get the message.