Rupert Grint was a huge part of the Harry Potter franchise, however he has a pretty brutal confession to make about the films.

Speaking to Variety in an interview published on Thursday, the actor confessed that he hadn't watched past the first three movies.

However, that might change soon now that he's a father.

The actor who portrayed the loveable Ron Weasley told the publication, "I've probably seen the first three at premieres, but after that I stopped watching them.

"But now that I have a daughter I will probably have to watch them with her," the 32-year-old said.

It's actually not the first time the actor has admitted to not watching all of the films.

In December 2017, Grint spoke to UK's Radio Times: "I think being in things ruins them for me … I can't enjoy Harry Potter any more, not as a fan - it's just not the same."

Grint starred in the extremely popular Harry Potter films alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, from the first instalment in 2001 to the very last film that came out in 2011.

Grint's most recent project is his role on M. Night Shymalan's series, Servant, which follows a couple whose baby son dies and is replaced by a lifelike doll. After hiring a nanny, things turn extremely strange.

Playing a dad in the new role, he opened up to last month about the kind of love he feels now that he can properly relate: "It was something I never really had much of an idea of, that kind of love. It's a very different love," he explained.

"It's very strange. It definitely has kind of changed my perspective on things but also in a helpful way."

Rupert joined Instagram to upload this precious selfie with his daughter. Picture: Instagram
Rupert joined Instagram to upload this precious selfie with his daughter. Picture: Instagram

Grint welcomed his daughter Wednesday in May 2020, who he shares with British girlfriend Georgia Groome, 28.

The couple have been together since 2011 and are incredibly private.

However, in November last year, Grint nearly broke the internet when he joined Instagram and added a photo of himself cradling his daughter while hiding her face.

The photo gained over one million likes in only four hours.


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