Harbour review delayed as panel asks for more time

THE panel for the independent review into the health of Gladstone Harbour has been given more time to assess the impact of port developments on the Great Barrier Reef.

A review was commissioned in February at the request of the UN World Heritage Committee.

The public was invited to make submissions and the panel conducted a visual inspection of the harbour earlier this year, while meeting with community and industry groups.

A large number of organisations from the Gladstone Ports Corporation to industry and environmental groups contributed to the submissions, which were posted online.

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke had requested the review findings be presented on Sunday.

But a spokeswoman for Mr Burke said the panel asked for, and had been granted, more time to complete the report.

The review is co-operating with new Gladstone Healthy Harbours Partnership which includes industry, community, scientists and government to focus on best practice monitoring and management of the harbour.