Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership raises more questions

THE Newman government has promised to spend a pile of cash in making sure the Gladstone Harbour is healthy.

And the LNG companies are also spending a pile of cash.

But to prove exactly what?

In all we're talking about $7 million over the course of two years, but yesterday's announcement about the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership left us a few more questions than answers.

Hasn't the scientific testing - all completed and funded by the government - proven that the water in our harbour is not too bad, and that any issues with illness of fish were created not by harbour activity but more by extreme flood events?

So what's this new group going to do that the monitoring hasn't already covered?

Is this new funding going to provide anything new, or is it being offered because the LNP said it would fund such a study before the State Election?

There will be people who believe this money is ill-spent and could be used in Gladstone for other important projects.