FOR hundreds of students across Gladstone, Friday marked the last day of school for the year.

At Gladstone Central State School, the farewell to Year 6 and 7 students was marked with a human tunnel, leading them out the school gates for the final time.

No one was more nervous and excited than Year 6 student Max Thomson.

"Next year will be very strange," he said. "We're going into high school and that means we have to start all over again.

"After years of being the leaders now we're at the bottom of the chain."

Toolooa State High School students celebrate the end of the school year.
Toolooa State High School students celebrate the end of the school year. Mike Richards GLA121214LDOS

Also feeling the nerves was student Jessica Wilmot.

"It's scary but being in a six/seven class was great because we are prepared the same as the Year 7s," she said.

"The big change will be that there will be a lot more homework."

Mother Penny Kelly Stevens was suffering double time with both her daughters leaving at once.

"One's in year six and one's in year seven and it's so daunting that they're both leaving," she said.

"My Year 7 daughter is ready to venture into high school but the other one isn't, but it's comforting that they're going together."

At Toolooa State High School, kids in Year 7, 8 and 9 couldn't hold back how excited they were about the impending holidays.

Henry Kean, 13, was planning to spend the entire holidays watching and playing cricket.

"I love it," he said. "I like watching Steve Smith bat and Nathan Lyon bowl."

For Ella Stevens, 14, holidays means hanging out with her friends.

"The best thing about school is seeing your friends everyday," she said.

"I really miss them in the holidays, but it's awesome going to the pool and cinema and hanging out with my friends who are staying in Gladstone."