One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson met with community members at the Sarina RSL yesterday.
One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson met with community members at the Sarina RSL yesterday. Ashley Pillhofer

Hanson's solution to soaring electricity prices

STANDING inside Sarina's embattled RSL, Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson criticised electricity prices hikes, which she claims are a major concern for regional communities.

Senator Hanson was in Sarina with One Nation Member for Mirani Stephen Andrew as part of her ongoing tour of regional Queensland.

"I think the electricity is more important to people now because it is really starting to impact them," Senator Hanson said.

Citing a Townsville restaurant she claims is paying $500 for electricity every day and a Longreach pub facing a $17,000 power bill quarterly, Senator Hanson said regional businesses were struggling to cope.

"This is probably why the local (Sarina) RSL is struggling," she said.

"People can't (afford this) and once people start shutting down (businesses) you lose industries and manufacturing and you're going to have a flow-on effect with unemployment. That is where you will see rural and regional areas dying more."

Senator Hanson suggested the solution was to begin construction of new coal-fired power stations.

"I will keep going on and on about it, we need new coal-fired power stations," she said.

"We have 1600 new coal-fired power stations being built around the world and we are not building one, when we are a resources rich country.

"We are destroying ourselves, (our) standard of living and our businesses and industries."

Construction of a new coal-fired power station would take at least six years; such a development would supplement the cost of electricity for regional homes and businesses in the long-term.

Senator Hanson was unable to answer questions relating to a more immediate plan that would support businesses, such as the Sarina RSL, which need help now rather than in six years.