Pauline Hanson has written a letter to the editor explaining why she loves Australia. Picture: Alix Sweeney
Pauline Hanson has written a letter to the editor explaining why she loves Australia. Picture: Alix Sweeney

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Hanson tells why she loves Australia

I love Australia. I will love this nation with pride until the day I die.

I have always respected the people from many different nations and cultures that live here, with whom I interact almost daily, and who help to make this the best country on earth.

However, we are not perfect and we can't stick our heads in the sand and pretend that we don't have our problems.

My comments in the media this week reflected an honest assessment of failures in the management of our multiculturalism that have now come back to bite us during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has revealed that the failure to assimilate into Australian culture and learn English can indirectly be deadly. Governments of all persuasions are guilty of being soft on promoting assimilation and the need for English language proficiency, for the benefit of the individual and society as a whole.

Many who come to Australia are happy to enjoy the good things - our safety and stability, our friendly way of life, our relatively good government services, our generous welfare support - but then believe it's acceptable to reject the culture and common language of their adoptive nation, and we now see the consequences.

Health advice during this emergency has been published only in English, our national language, so it meant many residents from non-English speaking backgrounds, who have rejected the English language, missed the safety message.

We now have an emerging second wave and the Melbourne housing apartment harsh lockdown. The two weeks in quarantine for the 3000 residents will be aided by taxpayer-funded food, alcohol and drug deliveries, government financial handouts, and more than 500 police guards.

I want the best for Australia and its many residents from all cultural backgrounds. That is why I will keep highlighting the problems that need to be fixed, that many people feel afraid to discuss.

We need to be allowed to debate the problems that exist in Australia - including issues that revolve around multiculturalism and Aboriginals - otherwise we will never smooth out the bumps that hold our nation back.

I have said many times that criticism is not racism. To reject certain opinions and stifle debate on the issues that affect our nation is an attack on free speech and also a roadblock to a better future for all Australia.

Senator Pauline Hanson

One Nation Leader

Senator for Queensland




AS: With all the criticism from NSW about Annastacia Palaszczuk closing the Qld border. Everyone should apologise to her as now with the NSW border being closed to Victoria. There was good reason to close the Qld borders for so long & now NSW know why. I just hope Victorians with it have not snuck out & have come to Qld.


GE: What a diabolical shambles NSW & VIC find themselves in. Thank God our Premier stood her ground re border closure.


RN: What a disgrace to see the burning of the Australian flag at a BLM protest in Brisbane on Saturday. These rent a crowd hooligans have no idea what they are protesting for. What is the Premier doing about these protesters? Seems she is more concerned about people dancing at a nightclub in Fortitude Valley Saturday night. The hypocrisy has no bounds.


MOOSE, DEPOT HILL: Apparently NSW Premier Gladys has finally said Queensland got the border lock down right. Good on you Gladys for admitting you were wrong. It just needs people from the PM all the way down to Deb to apologise also.


GB: Can society raise money to move the Military Museum to the Heritage Village or some local philanthropist buy their current site.


ANON: Come on premier, toughen our borders, we're the joke of Australia. Any one who does not spend in our state and book everything out is not a true Queenslander.


ANON: Keep our border shut to all premier. We have one case, open it an we will have thousands, your choice.