Jessica Lawrie and Jasmyn Dew going through their paces.
Jessica Lawrie and Jasmyn Dew going through their paces. Contributed

Gymnasts ready for Nationals

JESSICA Lawrie and Jasmyn Dew have been working overtime training for the National Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Geelong this weekend.

The pair, who secured a spot they "weren't expecting to win" in their level four competition at the State Championships, has been training five times a week to make sure they're prepared for the biggest competition of their lives to date.

"Before this all happened it was two days a week but now we'll do it whenever we have a spare moment," Lawrie, 20, said.

"We're trying to get our routines perfect and to make sure the timing is immaculate."

Lawrie and Dew, 12, have been partners since the beginning of 2010 and they have worked hard to perfect the collaboration.

"I'm the base and Jas is the top," Lawrie said.

"There has to be a bond otherwise it won't work.

"You need to trust each other."

And although some nerves have set in Lawrie and Dew are prepared for the event.

"I'm very nervous because we're up against each state in Australia's four best pairs," she said.

"And because we came first in Queensland there's more pressure I think."

But pressure and success are all part of the fun.

It's when Lawrie participates in other sports that she realises why she enjoys gymnastics.

"It's a real challenge - that's why I love it," she said.

"And it sets me up for other sports I do like touch football, netball - I also used to do lifesaving."

The pair, who left yesterday for Geelong, will compete on Saturday.



  • To make it to the National level Jessica Lawrie and Jasmyn Dew train hard.
  • Jessica spends two afternoons a week training with Jasmyn to perfect each routine.
  • She also does boot camp three times a week to make sure she's physically fit enough.