GVK Hancock and opponents to meet again in court in March

IT WILL be close to Easter in the new year before an Indian resources giant backed by magnate Gina Rinehart will find out what sort of fight they will have to go ahead with their second enormous Queensland coal project.

GVK Hancock flagship Alpha mine is still in the midst of a challenge by land-holders and environmentalists over its plan to build a sprawling operation west of Rockhampton and Mackay.

The recently approved Kevin's Corner - Alpha's sister project - is now facing an almost identical challenge.

At a directions hearing in Brisbane today, all sides learned they would not face court again until March.

The current challenge is due for a verdict before the end of February.

Each mine is worth billions to the state and national economy and will supply thousands of jobs.

Opponents fear the mines could destroy water supplies nearby, potentially ruining the livelihood of farmers in the area, and further contribute to climate change.