Prison sentence after police raid reveals meth lab mid-cook

A LOCAL woman has been sentenced to prison, after a police raid found a meth lab mid-cook in her home.

Lisa Malvene Hinchcliffe-Rahley pleaded guilty to permitting her home be used for the production of dangerous drug methylamphetamine, a schedule-1 drug, in Gladstone District Court Wednesday morning.

The court heard Hinchcliffe-Rahley, 33, had been living with her then-boyfriend, who was responsible for the production of the methylamphetamine, when police executed a search warrant on January 25, 2012.

During the raid, the court heard Hinchcliffe-Rahley surrendered, while her boyfriend hid between a bed and mattress after allegedly barricading the rear door, as police found a clandestine meth lab in production.

He has now been jailed following a court hearing in Rockhampton.

Crown Prosecutor Matthew Hynes said police had located a number of ingredients including blister packs of pseudoephedrine, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

The unsophisticated set-up could have produced 5.44g of pure methylamphetamine.

Judge Brendan Butler warned the defendant she would have to be very careful of staying out of further trouble when released.

Hinchcliffe-Rahley had a conviction recorded, was sentenced to two years imprisonment with release date of June 3, 2014, and 18 months of parole.