Ben Garuccio of United (left) holds on to the shorts of Filip Holosko of Sydney FC.
Ben Garuccio of United (left) holds on to the shorts of Filip Holosko of Sydney FC. JAMES ELSBY

'Gui Amor, he needs to wield the axe'

IT WAS first against 10th.

But for 45 minutes between Adelaide and Sydney, it looked like a clash between two teams much closer.

Filip Holosko may have opened the scoring for Sydney FC but Adelaide had just as many opportunities to level as their more-favoured opponents had to extend their lead.

Yet as Sydney FC ramped up the intensity, Adelaide folded in disgraceful fashion.

In the 53rd minute, Milos Ninkovic crossed to Alex Brosque, who lost his marker and tapped home.

After the Reds had pressed for an equaliser for so long, the crucial second goal seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Within the space of 15 minutes, Adelaide went from challenging for an equaliser to languishing at 4-0 down.

First Rhyan Grant made a clever run before finishing beautifully with his non-preferred left foot.

Then less than three minutes later, the Adelaide defence was caught napping as Brosque slammed home a fourth goal.

All of a sudden, the gap in quality between first and 10th looked that much greater.

"That's just schoolboy stuff from Adelaide United in defending,” former Red Travis Dodd said on Fox Sports.

"Gui Amor, he needs to wield the axe.”

After all, this was a team largely comprised of senior, experienced players - several of whom had played a role in last season's historic double.

Former Sydney FC player Mark Rudan said the likes of James Holland, Dylan McGowan and Iacopo La Rocca needed to take responsibility for Adelaide's woes.

"Players like Holland, I'm sorry but as a former Socceroo, this guy's got to do better than what he's doing,” Rudan said.

"These guys need to stand up. It's easy to go and have a crack at the coach, that's the easiest thing to do because he's one sole individual. 'Let's chuck him out, get a new one in and everything changes.' That's a poor attitude.

"Some of these players, McGowan, Cirio - okay he's been injured - La Rocca, the big-name players are letting the coaching staff down.

"They have to have a good hard look at themselves as well, that is the big issue at Adelaide right now.”

Former Socceroo Mark Bosnich said Adelaide coach Gui Amor needed to take a risk on young players and back them to fill the void.

"They're still only two-and-a-bit wins outside the top six. I would start chucking in some youngsters because you never lose with youngsters,” Bosnich said.

"If they don't do well, well losing 4-0 at home, it doesn't get much worse than that anyway.

"So at least they're going to give you 110% effort, 110% fire and commitment and you never quite know - I think this is actually the time to throw them in, right now.”