The Garage Barber Shop owner Rex Silver says Gladstone men are taking more pride in their appearances.
The Garage Barber Shop owner Rex Silver says Gladstone men are taking more pride in their appearances. Ebony Battersby

Grunge vibe attracts guys to Garage Barber Shop

THE women of Gladstone are rejoicing as their men take greater care of their appearance, boosting business at the new Garage Barber Shop.

And owner Rex Silver, who also operates Silver Salon on Goondoon St, believes he has the biggest salon in Queensland, a remarkable feat for the industrial town of Gladstone.

He says no other salon in the state has as many chairs as he does, with 23 at the two-storey salon which houses both businesses.

Word of mouth is spreading further than state boundaries though, with two Sydney stylists relocating to Gladstone to have the honour of working underneath master cutter Mr Silver.


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And he's still hiring.

"That will bring me up to 15 staff. I think we will peak at 17 as things keep growing," Mr Silver said.

"We have had 1088 customers upstairs in the last three months. It has been very busy."

Clients are travelling more than 100km just to say they are sporting a Silver haircut.

The Garage Barber Shop, located downstairs from Silver Salon, officially opened for business this month.

From beard sculpting to cut-throat shaves, Mr Silver says the men of Gladstone are finally stepping up.

"It's becoming unpopular to not look after yourself and your appearance," he said.

"Those that aren't taking pride in themselves and the way they look are the outsiders."

The grunge atmosphere is attracting men in their droves to The Garage, and the women of Gladstone are rejoicing.

"The young ladies of Gladstone like to look after themselves," Mr Silver said.

"It's good to see the men doing the same. The vibe of Gladstone is really changing."

And as a born and bred Gladstone local, Mr Silver is qualified to say so.

A former student of Gladstone State High School, Mr Silver left the small smoke to chase big dreams of becoming a world-renowned hair magician.

After winning fourth place on an international stage for his cutting skills and technique, it was time to come home.

Now, with an eight month old son Louie to chase after, Mr Silver is setting his roots back down in Gladstone.