A grandad who indecently touched his granddaughter can’t explain why he did it at least twice.
A grandad who indecently touched his granddaughter can’t explain why he did it at least twice.

Grubby grandad assaults eight-year-old step-granddaughter

A GRANDAD who indecently touched his granddaughter can't explain why he did it at least twice in Crown prosecution charges before Ipswich District Court.

The little girl later dobbed in her step-grandfather to her mother.

The 62-year-old man pleaded guilty to two Crown prosecution charges of indecent treatment of a child under 12 in an Ipswich suburb between December 10, 2018 and October 5, 2019, and at Springfield.

One charge relates to when the child was under his care and both crimes are domestic violence offences.

Crown prosecutor Bridget O'Kane said his acts were predatory in nature and against the most vulnerable member of our community, a child aged eight.

"It was a gross breach trust committed by a person entrusted with their care," Ms O'Kane said.

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"There was a significant age gap."

Ms O'Kane said that while there was no victim impact statement such offences on children can have profound and long-lasting effects.

His indecent acts involved touching the girl's vagina under her underwear with Ms O'Kane saying it happened more than once.

The prosecution submission was that his acts were to be regarded as being in the lower-mid range region of such offending.

She said he was the child's step-grandfather by marriage to the girl's grandmother.

Ms O'Kane said that he tried to shift the blame in a police interview to the eight-year-old girl in that the grandfather falsely claimed the child grabbed his hand and shown him what to do.

Defence barrister Clare O'Connor said the man was born in the UK and grew up in Australia.

She outlined his severe health ailments and that he was on a disability pension following a motorcycle crash.

She said his ill health will make any jail time much harder for him than others with a doctor's report assessing him to be a "medically a high-risk patient in the prison".

He was also on weekly dialysis.

As a result of his conviction he may face the prospect of deportation to a country he had not been to since a child.

"There is remorse. He says it didn't excuse what I did. I knew it was wrong," Ms O'Connor said.

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"I'm sick and ashamed. He is haunted by the shame of his actions and has shown deep remorse."

Ms O'Connor said his wife, the child's grandmother, was in the Ipswich courtroom and remains supportive.

"He still doesn't understand why he did this," Ms O'Connor said.

It was conceded that a jail term of up to 18-months was appropriate, but the defence sought he serve only a minimal time in jail.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC told the man he would impose a 12-month jail term but it would be suspended after he serve three months.

Judge Lynch said the man had made admission to police to minimise his conduct and tended to blame the child.

However, he was satisfied there was genuine remorse.

"You had an obligation to protect the child from harm. Instead she was subject to this for your own gratification," He said.

He accepted that prior to this conduct he had been a man of good character.

With his health issues taken into account, and genuine remorse, it was appropriate for the sentence to be suspended for two years after he serve three months.

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