Jason Paul's 15-year-old son Adrian was beaten up by two men in their late 20s on his way home on Saturday night.
Jason Paul's 15-year-old son Adrian was beaten up by two men in their late 20s on his way home on Saturday night. Patrick Woods

Dad: Grown thugs bashed my 15yo boy riding home alone

THE parents of a 15-year-old Coast boy bashed by two adult men as he was riding his new bike home are desperate to find the men behind the attack.

Adrian was one street away from his Currimundi home about 11pm on Saturday night when two men got out of a car, knocked him off his bike and started laying into him and smashed his bike against the ground.

The teen was left with grazing, bruises across his head, back, shoulders and neck, lumps on his head and pain in his jaw.

His bicycle, which he had bought a few days earlier after saving since the start of the year, was buckled and ruined.

The attack has left his father, Jason Paul, feeling worried and helpless.

"To get a phone call ... to say he's been beaten up is pretty horrific," he said.

"He was on the ground at one stage and they were kicking him.

"It would have been terrifying for him, having two adults beating him up and smashing his bike.

"It makes you feel helpless, and being attacked is a pretty scary thing for anyone, let alone a child."

He said Adrian had been with a group of friends and but had left to get home by his 11pm curfew, and was alone when he was attacked.

He said it seemed some of the group had been earlier throwing eggs, but that Adrian had not been part of that.

"Regardless, no kid deserves that," Mr Paul said.

"Even if he was involved with that, the response is not justified.

"If they were concerned they could have detained him and said 'we'll talk to the police and sort it out', I'd have no problem with that.

"It's quite frightening to know that anyone would take that sort of thing into their own hands."

Mr Paul said the two men, who looked like they were aged 25-30-years-old, were driving a black 4WD Mitsubishi Triton on Bluebell St between 10.30-11.30 on Saturday night.

The attack ended when a woman who was with the two men intervened, pulling them men off Adrian.

"He's grateful to the girl," Mr Paul said.

Days later Adrian's jaw is aching and his body is bruised, but Mr Paul said the physical damage was just one concern.

The mental and emotional toll, he hoped, would not hit too hard.

Kawana Police officer-in-charge Mark Cordwell said police were investigating the incident.

Mr Paul is urging anyone who may have seen the attack, of know anything about those involved to contact the police.

He wanted to thank the online community for the support and information they have already offered.

Meanwhile he wanted to warn other teens of the danger they could find themselves in.

"I think kids need to understand there are people out there who would do this and do worse," he said.

"Adrian has never been in trouble before this; it's quite frightening to think this can happen to him."