JORDAN Roper is a young man who wants to provide for the community that has provided for him.

Growing up in the Boyne Island area of Gladstone, he's frequented the Boyne Island skate-park.

It is now why he wants to organise an upgrade of its facilities for the growing community.

"I am very passionate about it," he said.

"I've been involved in skateboarding for a while now, and I've made some fantastic friends through skateboarding.

"It's just seeing people come to the skatepark and watch them grow and get better.

Seeing the excitement on someone's face when they land a trick, I want everybody to feel that."

Mr Roper has been in touch with the council and just this week he said workers were sent to fix up some cracks in the concrete.

He's hoping with the support of the council, community members and business that the project can be realised..

"Basically I still have to talk to the council more, talk to businesses and get community support," he said.

"Trying to find an engineering company that would jump onboard as well."

Gladstone Regional Council Counsellor Maxine Brushe said the council's position was that they supported the skate-park upgrade, but it was early days.

"We support it but we haven't agreed to anything at all," she said.

"Full credit to him and his group of people, they are keen to get in there and make an effort, which is wonderful to see."

Cr Brushe said no funds had been allocated to the sports and recreation project from budget.

"I have no idea how much it will cost."

"It has always been council's opinion that lights will never go there.

"The main reason is it's very close to residents," she said.


Mr Roper said anyone can get in contact with him by emailing