Nursery owner Judy Turner is establishing a garden at her new house.
Nursery owner Judy Turner is establishing a garden at her new house. PAUL BRAVEN

In my garden: Water an important consideration

THIS week we talk about gardening with nursery owner Judy Turner.

How would you describe your garden? Under construction. I am in the process of building a rainforest garden.

We shifted into a new house three months ago and I am just starting to build it.

This one will be different from my last one because it will be more efficient.

We're putting an eco-pit underneath it where you put water underneath the garden and the roots grow down to reach it.

Where did you get that idea? Collin my partner, he's good at that sort of thing.

He's very brainy when it comes to designing, particularly where water is involved.

You have to think about water. You can't rely on rain because it doesn't happen.

What have you planted so far? Tree ferns, palms, rare lilly pilly trees and anthuriums - giant.

I've only really been doing it for two weeks. We had a rainforest garden when we lived in town.

It won champion garden six years in a row.

What's your best advice for other gardeners? Soil is the most important thing.

Get your soil organised and nice and loose. Your plants will grow depending on what type of soil you have so start at the bottom and work your way up.

Where does your passion for gardening come from? My father and I were always gardeners.

I have five brothers and two sisters and they all think I am nuts.

But my dad and I loved plants and I have been growing things since I was 15.

My first plant was a vine that grows on the seaboards. It's a pest, but I wanted to grow it to see what it would do.

Now I've been gardening for 50 years.