Time to stop whinging and start putting in

IT'S the scenario which says "not my problem", and yet we want to reap the benefits.

It happened again last week when the Gladstone Rugby League Association's annual meeting had to be postponed a second time.

Why? Because none of the teams in the association could come up with officials to represent them.

It's happening all around us these days.

We're finding that we really like to go to the footy games and take in all the action, but there's no way in the world that we are going to become involved with making it all happen.

The same thing is happening with Gladstone's eisteddfod.

This great cultural event has been a part of Gladstone's way of life for well over 40 years and it's likely to fold if some new volunteers don't come along and help.

Who knows the average age of the current bunch of volunteers? Probably getting close to 80, I'd guess.

And yet, if you take a look at the hundreds of kids who get up on the stage and compete, you'd expect that there would be many of their parents who would be able to help out with the organisation.

But no, they'd rather sit back and snipe at the things they didn't like about it - or just take advantage of those seniors who are giving their kids an opportunity of a lifetime.

I was looking at one of those discussion pages on Facebook yesterday afternoon and couldn't help noticing the whinges and moans about our first for a while seafood festival.

They were harping on about how they couldn't find any fresh seafood, how the line-up to get the seafood was too long and they were getting frustrated.

Did any of them think about the fact that the majority of people organising the festival were volunteers, trying their hardest to revive what was a great event?

Not on your nelly. No they sit on the sidelines and whinge.

Get off your butts, people, and stop your whining.

If you don't like what you see, offer your services and make sure that next year the festival is the best possible yet - because you've got all the great ideas to make it so.