EX-COMMUNICATED: Daniel Woodhead claims he and three friends were kicked out of Stereosonic in Melbourne for their priest costumes.
EX-COMMUNICATED: Daniel Woodhead claims he and three friends were kicked out of Stereosonic in Melbourne for their priest costumes. Contributed

Priest costumes and crucifix cause offence at Stereosonic

A CALOUNDRA man wants an explanation from festival giant Stereosonic after he and two friends were evicted for dressing as priests and carrying large crucifixes.

Daniel Woodhead was removed from the Melbourne music event just before the final act on Sunday.

A security guard told him their costumes - black clerical robes, a fake white beard and a large cross on a necklace - was offensive.

The 23-year-old said they were not given the option of removing their costumes to stay for the final show.

But Stereosonic management said the men were asked to remove the crosses following complaints about their costumes and actions but they refused.

A spokesman also alleged one of the men in the group had been "extremely intoxicated" and had been made to leave, with his friends following.

Daniel Woodhead of Currimundi was kicked out of Stereosonic festival in Melbourne for wearing priests costume. Photo Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily
Daniel Woodhead. Darryn Smith

Mr Woodhead said while they had been drinking, no-one was heavily intoxicated.

"We weren't provided with any explanation apart from that it was offensive," he insisted.

"I thought that it was totally wrong. There wasn't a dress code.

"I wouldn't have willingly left the event if there was an option to stay."

Mr Woodhead said plenty of other people had dressed in costume at the festival, including others dressed as priests and nuns.

The previous day, the group had gone dressed as Santa Claus.

Mr Woodhead wrote a lengthy open letter to festival organisers on Facebook.

"I'm just looking for acknowledgement at least. We were so angry at what had happened," he said.

"The more people talk to me about it, the more I realise that what they did was wrong."

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A spokesman for Stereosonic yesterday said complaints had been made about the costumes and actions of Mr Woodhead and his friends.

"Security approached the three males and explained that they may be offending people in the area with their outfits and if they would remove the crosses," the spokesman said.

"One male who was dressed like a priest became argumentative and refused to comply with the request and expressed how everybody else loved their costumes.

"On further conversation, security believed that one male was extremely intoxicated at which point one male was asked to leave.

"That one male had his two male friends leave with him."