Rhys Davis shows off his injuries.
Rhys Davis shows off his injuries.

GROUP BASHING: Father speaks after assault by armed kids

A trip to the bus stop turned into a night Rhys Davis will never forget.

The 22-year-old father was "jumped and bashed" by a group of children armed with sticks and knives near the Stocklands Shopping Centre bus stop after he met a friend to walk her home.

He was left nursing a fractured elbow, cuts, bruises and an "egg on his head" after the group of eight outnumbered him and his two mates on Friday night.

"They started calling out, ran up and then jumped on us," he said.

"I got smacked over the head with a stick and had a knife pulled on me."

Mr Davis said the group of children were in their mid-teens and were speaking with a security guard at the shopping centre before the ordeal unfolded.

Rhys Davis shows the injuries to his legs.
Rhys Davis shows the injuries to his legs.

He said the group did not leave them alone until they ran into a nearby unit block on Patrick St.

Police were called and investigations are ongoing.

"We were being laid into as we tried to get into the complex," he said.

"They didn't give up until we were pretty much at the front door," he said.


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The group ran off and Mr Davis had a moment to assess his injuries.

He said they did not provoke the group and believed they had been "targeted".

"I got smacked, fell over, got up and had four on top of me at one point, so I'm pretty lucky," he said.

"I've got a six-month-old daughter so it was a bit scary."

He said this was not the first time he had been a victim of crime and had been broken into multiple times.

The incident occurred two days before a father and son were reportedly hit with bats by a group of people at the same shopping centre.

Both were assessed by staff at Townsville University Hospital but released the same day.

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