A man has pleaded guilty to murdering his roommate.
A man has pleaded guilty to murdering his roommate.

Grisly confession: ‘I was just shanking him’

A man has pleaded guilty in a Brisbane court to the murder of a former roommate by sitting on his head and stabbing him repeatedly. But what the man said to police when told his victim had died is even more shocking.

Siale Tinoai, 27, on Thursday faced a sentencing hearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court, after pleading guilty to the murder of Craig Field in June 2013.

He also confessed to stealing and assaulting a corrections officer and his dog after being arrested.

The court heard Tinoai had been living at a Slacks Creek mental health support home alongside Mr Field, which provided by weekly care for the residents.

Following an altercation more than six years ago, the downstairs residents of the property heard heavy footsteps above them before Mr Field began to call for help, saying his housemate was "trying to kill me".

When the residents ran upstairs, they saw Mr Field, through a locked screen door, laying face down on a couch covered in blood.

Tinoai was sitting in his head and shoulders stabbing him in what Justice Peter Davis today described as a "savage and somewhat prolonged attack".

The 27-year-old then fled the scene, disposed of his clothes and the scissors and was located in the suburb of Kingston several hours later, the court heard.

When arrested, Tinoai told police he killed Mr Field because he allegedly tried to stab him.

"He accused me of stealing his games, Halo, f***, I don't even play Halo," the court heard Tinoai told police when arrested.

Crown Prosecutor Mark White also told the court the man said "sweet as" when officers told him his housemate had passed away.

"I sat on him so he couldn't move and I was just shanking him," Tinoai told detectives.

Mr White told the court Mr Field sustained a large number of injuries that caused his death.

"There must have been some assessment that Mr Field had become defenceless but he must have continued with complete disregard for another human being," he said.

The court heard Tinoai had also assaulted a corrections officer with a broom and injured a corrections dog while on remand.

The sentencing hearing continues.