Gridiron: Rockhampton Wolverines' Robbie Chelepy.
Gridiron: Rockhampton Wolverines' Robbie Chelepy.

Gridiron stocks rising as Rocky Combine approaches

THE President of Rockhampton’s Gridiron Association hopes an upcoming Combine will help “spread the love” of the game throughout Central Queensland.

Mitchell Mcaulay-Powell said the 2020 Combine is an opportunity for everyone to try gridiron through a series of exercises.

“Gridiron is not just a man’s game; it is designed for everybody and women and men are very welcome,” he said.

The event will feature 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press, 3 cone and position-specific drills.

Mr Mcaulay-Powell said the best thing about gridiron is that it is similar to a really physical game of chess.

“Each position has very unique and fitness requirements, which is why the Combine is so important,” he said.

“Someone playing the position of Cornerback’s main role is to block passes from the opposition quarterback.

“They need to have speed but also vertical jump.

“Whereas I play in the offensive line with the big boys who go up against big boys, needing strength and good lower body power.”

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New sport eying off a Gladstone team

Mr Mcaulay-Powell is one of the four founding fathers and president of the Rockhampton Wolverines Gridiron Club and is very personally very new to the game.

“I am also a general member on the governing body of Gridiron Queensland and our job is to spread the love and also promote the game of gridiron where I see fit,” he said.

“My role, really, is to spread the game of gridiron all throughout Central Queensland and to encourage people to come and have a chop basically.”

Mr Mcaulay-Powell said the sport was entering exciting times in Central Queensland.

“As part of the Wolverines we really want to spread this game and promote new teams and growth in the region,” he said.

“We are happy to help people who are interested in getting involved including volunteers, possible coaches, men, women etc.”

Mr Mcaulay-Powell said he was looking forward to the possibility of getting a Gladstone Gridiron team in 2021.

To register for the Combine, held at Kettle Park in Rockhampton on August 9 from 1-5pm, visit The Rocky Wolverines website and click on upcoming events.

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