Disgraced Lockyer Valley dog trainer Tom Noble stands accused of intimidating a witness.
Disgraced Lockyer Valley dog trainer Tom Noble stands accused of intimidating a witness. Rob Williams

Greyhound trainer's second attempt at bail denied by court

AN IPSWICH magistrate has denied a second bail request for disgraced Lockyer Valley dog trainer Tom Noble.

The 68-year-old was the first person to be charged with animal cruelty in the wake of the Queensland greyhound live-baiting scandal.

The his case was adjourned for July 1.


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Noble appeared in court earlier than expected though after he was accused of trying to coerce a witness into changing her statement.

He appeared in the dock last Friday, charged with intimidating a witness.

It was alleged Noble phoned Marburg greyhound owner and breeder Julie Edmondson and tried to persuade her to use his lawyer and change her statement.

Edmondson, 63, is also facing charges of animal cruelty in connection with live-baiting.

Magistrate Barry Cosgrove said the matter was serious and that he was concerned about Noble's risk of reoffending.

Mr Cosgrove refused Noble's bail but added that future bail may be granted if the application contained a range of conditions, including rules about who Noble would be allowed to speak to.

That second chance at bail was shot down today though, after Noble's lawyer argued that the circumstances of the matter had changed since the first bail application.

Defence lawyer James McNab - acting on behalf of Hannay Lawyers - said Noble's wife had listened to the phone conversation between her husband and Edmondson, which had been on speakerphone.

Mr McNab said an affidavit from Mrs Noble contradicted the evidence Edmondson had given which alleged she had been "threatened, harassed and scared for her life."

However prosecutor Nicole Schmitt said the affidavit did not change the circumstances of the offence.

Ms Schmitt said interfering with witnesses was a serious crime which "struck at the heart of the judicial system" and that Noble was an "unacceptable risk."

Noble continues to remain in custody until July.