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Green activists threaten to wait in coffins on railway line

RADICAL green activists have united unions and corporations against dangerous protest action which could put railway workers at risk.

A fringe group named Generation Alpha has vowed to ramp up its activism against rail giant Aurizon following Federal approvals to expand the Port of Abbot Point in Central Queensland, which includes a large-scale dredging effort.

The group's goal is to force Aurizon to back out of a plan to build rail lines connecting future coal mines of the Galilee Basin west of Rockhampton to the growing port.

Its campaign Over Our Dead Bodies threatens to place cardboard coffins on railway lines to frighten train drivers.
The drivers have no idea which coffins, if any, have a person hidden inside.

An Aurizon spokeswoman said the company would take legal action against the group if staff or operations were put in jeopardy.

Generation Alpha is understood to have contacted the Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees of its intentions but copped a swift rebuke.

AFULE state secretary Greg Smith said the group's plans amounted to "idiocy" and they were told to stay away from railway lines.

Although the union was itself concerned about climate change, Mr Smith said there was no excuse to put lives at risk
"We have drivers who have had fatalities and this sort of idiocy has the risk of endangering the health and mental health of our train drivers," he said.

The radical anti-mining campaign has roughly 200 supporters, according to its spokesman Ben Pennings.

Mr Pennings said in its quest to battle climate change, its actions would intensify as it tries to force the hand of Aurizon.

"We're expecting that to include direct action," Mr Pennings said.

"Whether that direct action is legal or illegal, we don't know yet."