A salesperson's job is to alter perceptions so selling is a great experience for all involved.
A salesperson's job is to alter perceptions so selling is a great experience for all involved.

Great value an easy sell

MENTION to a professional person that they are a salesman and they will strenuously deny it.

It tends to conjure up a guy in a cheap suit pressuring them into buying something they never wanted.

Selling is greedy....it's corrupt...it's manipulative.

Yet as business people we need to sell to buyers and customers everyday to pay the bills. My favourite definition of selling comes from the greatest realtor on the planet: Mr Tom Hopkins.

He said selling is "getting someone involved in a future result that is good for them and having them emotionally commit to taking action to achieve that result".

The key phrase here is "that it is good for them". Remove these words and we have an abuse of process.

He also believes that you have to really love what you do to truly appreciate that you have a product or service that you yourself would buy without hesitation.

I recently had a conversation with my team the other day about whether they were salespeople or not.

Suffice to say many didn't think so.

However, I reminded them that we sell ourselves everyday.

We sell ourselves to get a job; to get that promotion; to convince our spouses to eat out; our children - to brush their teeth... and the selling goes on and on.

The problem with selling is the associations many people have with it.

"I went down to the car yard and some slick smooth talking guy sold me a car I really didn't want," they think.

So your job as a salesperson is to alter these associations and perceptions. Perceptions are our reality.

You may be like me; I love a good salesperson but I hate being pressured. It's when selling turns into a great experience for all parties involved and provides a good education and knowledge; a clear understanding of benefits; and the big one - plenty of value.

So the secret to super successful selling is firstly to love what you do.

Then you can build rapport, educate, help, teach and give your prospective customer something of value that they will actually enjoy because they know it will be good for them.

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