Great read for the weekend is found with The Observer

ANYONE who picks up the Weekend section featured in every Saturday's Observer will know there is quite a bit of content in there.

It's where you'll find interesting features, an array of columns, fashion, Me and My Ride and the newest addition to the section, A Coffee With...

This week I was given the duties of the Big Read and Fashion.

I chose to expand on one of the stories in this week's Advocate even further, about Julie McCullough's independently published novel.

Julie and I chose to meet at Barney Point beach.

She said many scenes, storylines and chapters came to her as she was walking along the beach.

It should be noted, it wasn't Barney Point Beach that let her creative mind run wild - it was Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast.

But we decided Barney Point would be a little more convenient.

Being able to meet people and talk about one of the high points of their lives is definitely one of the perks of being a journalist.

It's these sorts of interviews where you can sit down and talk for ages, racking their brains on the topic you're covering.

Races fashion was covered in the racing liftout on Saturday, and we took some beautiful shots of the latest looks available at local stores Divine Avenue and Saltt Clothing.

In Saturday's edition of Weekend, we also bid farewell to intrepid reporter, Kara Irving.

For those who read her editorial on Saturday, you would know she is headed south to Ballarat for a gig at the local paper.

Good luck with your new job Karzie.