Latest Newmarch resident death not virus

A resident who died in Sydney's Newmarch House had recovered from coronavirus and died of an unrelated illness, NSW Health says.

The home's operator Anglicare confirmed on Saturday the woman had died on Friday.

NSW Health's Dr Jeremy McAnulty said the infectious disease doctor looking after the Newmarch residents does not believe the death was related to COVID-19.

"The doctor is in the best place to understand what the illness was and the cause of death," he told reporters on Saturday.


"Without going into personal details, we understand that the person had COVID, had recovered, had other illnesses and was elderly and died.

He acknowledged COVID-19, like any other illness, could influence the person's stamina and ability to recover.

The woman was among 37 residents and 32 staff to have contracted the virus to date.

Sixteen residents have died.

NSW on Saturday reported five new cases and removed one previously reported infection, taking its total cases statewide to 3051.

Some 300 people still have COVID-19 while another 201 are less than three weeks from symptom onset or recovery data is not available.

NSW Health is treating 110 active cases. Seven of the eight people in intensive care require ventilators.

The death toll remains at 46.