GRC chief mad as hell over three years of funding snubs

GLADSTONE Regional Council CEO Stuart Randle is mad as hell, and he can't figure out why Gladstone residents are still taking it.

Mr Randle says residents should be furious at state and federal governments for failure to fund community projects in the region.

The GRC is annoyed after missing out on a raft of funding over three years, including for the $15 million community hub on Phillip St.

It's meant many projects have been funded out of local ratepayers' pockets.

Mr Randle said cash from the state's Royalties for Regions program, the federal Regional Development Australia fund, and the LNG-funded Gladstone Foundation had all been paltry.

"The lesson we've learned is that the State Government isn't interested in funding our local community infrastructure and we're disappointed with that," he said.

Mr Randle took particular aim at what he called "begrudging" contributions from QCLNG, APLNG and GLNG for the foundation.

He claimed previous state treasurer Andrew Fraser had told council to expect roughly $100 million from the gas companies.

Instead, LNG companies donated just $13.5 million.

Mr Randle said Gladstone residents should be up in arms about the situation, but instead called them "compliant".

"It might be that they're used to being overlooked for things like this," he said.

"It's probably (they are) disinterested or they're used to it."