'How I lost 50kg': Gladstone man shares his story

Grant McDonald has lost more than 50 kilos! Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Grant McDonald has lost more than 50kg. Mike Richards GLA110606KILO

A DRAMATIC weight loss has given Grant McDonald a new lease on life.

The father of three has lived in Gladstone all his life and works at Queensland Alumina Ltd as an operator.

Mr McDonald's diet consisted of sausage rolls and coffee-flavoured milk in between driving a bobcat and other more physical yet stationary jobs.

The real scare came to Mr McDonald one night at home.

"I was 130kg, sitting at home, and went 'something doesn't feel right'," he said.

"I felt pressure on the heart and went in an ambulance to the hospital - it was a major health scare."

The doctors told the 42-year-old he needed to change his lifestyle if he was going to live to see his sons grow up.

"I asked what my weight range should be and it was 95kg," he said.

A photo of Grant McDonald taken before he made a change to his lifestyle choices.
A photo of Grant McDonald taken before he made a change to his lifestyle choices.

"I went back to my boss and he asked if I was sure I really wanted to do this, being a mighty task. I said yes."

Mr McDonald started slow and steady, going to the pool and completing one lap at the beginning.

He then progressed to the gym and stopped having his prized rum and coke with dinner, and even his morning coffee.

"I changed what I was eating and the amounts and I started seeing a decrease."

Tuna and crackers, chicken, protein shakes and boiled eggs now make up Mr McDonald's diet and, while boring, he says he couldn't be happier.

"I didn't go cold turkey," he said.

"I weaned myself into it and kept an old 'fat' photo close to me for guidance when I was plateauing."

In the year from September 2013 to the end of 2014, Mr McDonald lost an incredible 48kg.

Mr McDonald's wife, three kids and work colleagues were a constant support.

"I had great support from my employer," he said.

"For every size I went down, they would happily buy me new uniforms and actually encourage me to stop and chat to others when asked about my weight loss."

None are more proud than Mr McDonald's children.

"I used to walk out onto the field with the boys and after five minutes I'd have to take a seat. But now I'm running around the park and it's the boys that need a break.

"I got to 95kg and was asked, what do I want to do? So I pushed further and set the goal to 90. Then I set it for 80 and am at 82kg currently and keeping the ball rolling."

Nowadays you will find Mr McDonald at the gym, working on maintaining his weight and building muscle.

"No more big beer gut is the goal," he said.

Technology was a valuable resource too, he said.

"I got a Fitbit and synced it to my iPhone app and that really kept me accountable with my food," he said.

Mr McDonald's advice to anyone looking to lose that extra bulge and get their life back on track is just to start ... today.

Grant's Tips

  • Start today.
  • Start slowly and increase as you improve.
  • Get family and friends to hold you accountable.
  • Use technology, such as a Fitbit or phone app to record your food intake.