Grant and his wife, Cheryl.
Grant and his wife, Cheryl.

Denyer shocks with sex confession

GRANT Denyer shocked his 2Day FM breakfast radio co-hosts this morning with a sex confession.

The Gold Logie winner opened up to Ed Kavalee and Ash London about the fact he "ain't getting no sex" and described what went wrong when he tried to get jiggy recently.

"There's no love going down," he said about his relationship with his wife, Cheryl.

"We were prolific," he said about the early stages of their romance. "We were just a couple of freak machines."

But Denyer said things have been quiet in the bedroom since having two daughters, Sailor, 7, and Scout, 3.

Grant, Scout, Sailor and Cheryl.
Grant, Scout, Sailor and Cheryl.

The TV and radio star said he's only getting it on "once a month at best" now because his kids won't leave him alone.

"Our kids burst in everywhere we go," Denyer said. "I can't go to the toilet without my daughter wanting to sit on my lap. Scouty sat on my lap while I went to the toilet the other day."

Not a great mental image, is it?

Denyer and his wife attempted to put an end to the drought recently but it almost led to a trip to the emergency department.

"I said, 'Let's get under the doona, Mrs D.' I literally had to pitch a tent with the doona. We're under there and then the kid bursts the door open. Runs in, jumps on top of the bed and … nearly snaps it (little Denyer) in half."

The revelation was met with gasps from his co-host as Denyer vented about the dire situation.

"I can't do this anymore," he said. "If you have to run and hide, it's no fun."

Clearly a little tense, Denyer said to Kavalee and London: "If you see me rubbing up against a lamp at work, I'm sorry guys."

"We don't have any lamps," a confused Kavalee responded.

Grant, Ed and Ash with Guy Sebastian.
Grant, Ed and Ash with Guy Sebastian.

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