Meet our epic nanna snake wrangler

SHE is being hailed as the bravest woman in the city for wrangling not one, but two large pythons that had made themselves at home in her barbecue, but 81-year-old Faye Morgan said it is all in a day's work.

Ms Morgan looked relaxed as she removed the two-metre-long pythons one at a time, placing them in a plastic box at her home in Kholo, at around 9am on Sunday morning.

The quietly spoken "Super Nanna" as she's been dubbed on social media said snakes are a common occurrence in the rural area, attracted to her back veranda by her rescue birds, and she puts her reptile skills to the test around eight times a year.

"I don't think it was anything special to be honest," she said, "this was the first time I've seen two at the same time though, which made it tricky to get both of them."

"I've seen bigger ones, these weren't all that big, but big enough to eat a small cat."

"The trick is not to rush it unless they're on the move," she said, "you've got to get your hand just behind head so they can't whip around and bite you, and the other near to the tail, because that's the strong part, they can wrap themselves around you."

However the snake whisperer isn't encouraging anyone to take a leaf from her book.

"I would strongly discourage anyone who saw the video not to attempt to do it themselves," she said.