How did we manage before GPS technology?

HOW on Earth did we manage before GPS technology?

I've spent the past few days in Brisbane, and every time we ventured out of our motel I found the GPS device on my phone was the most essential piece of kit I could possibly have.

It made me wonder just how we coped before such technology was available to us.

I can recall travelling into Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast in a rental car many years ago and having to rely on a map.

That was an absolute nightmare.

One issue was the fact that there was soooo much traffic it was almost impossible to pull over to the side of the road to consult said map.

The other was that while you're driving along in three lanes of traffic it's almost impossible to work out what's around you.

Eventually, on that occasion, I was able to pull over to the side of the road.

I got out of the car and walked to an intersection so that I could work out which streets were which and which direction they ran in.

And eventually we made our way to the motel we were staying at - don't, please, ask me where it was now, because I wouldn't have a clue.

The week just gone has been so much easier.

It was just a matter of entering in the start and finish points and the friendly lady on the phone was quite happy to tell me when I'd made a wrong turn.

"Make a U-turn when possible" seemed to be one of her most frequent suggestions.

Eventually we got where we needed to be and we found our way out of the big city yesterday morning, heading for Gladstone where things are much more civilised.