Real subtle, Tony. Real subtle.
Real subtle, Tony. Real subtle. AAP Image - Mick Tsikas

Govt to block anti-wind lobby sabotaging jobs in court

THE plight of jobseekers around the country took centre stage during Question Time in Parliament House today, when Tony Abbott outlined the government's intention to act in the interest of jobs and curtail extreme court action aimed at destroying the wind industry.

MP for Jimwollis, Jess Uskrist, made an impassioned Dorothy Dixer pleading "how is the government acting to protect jobs against extreme lawfare (ie legal warfare) whilst ensuring the highest employment standards are maintained?"

Mr Abbott sidestepped a knife thrown at his back and said the Government would be supporting jobs by ensuring lobbyist groups "from hours away" aren't able to block much-needed renewable energy projects.

"Well, we're doing it with giant mining projects, so it's only fair, right?"

"I've also just noticed that Philip Ruddock isn't considered the evilest member of government anymore. How did that happen?"

Ms Uskrist put away her 30 silver pieces and welcomed the announcement.

"This Government has recognised the seriousness of this issue of extreme anti-wind groups holding massive job-creating projects to ransom with their relentless legal wrangling, and they're prepared to do something about it," Ms Uskrist said.

Industry Minister Lang Hancock told Parliament he could "hear them coming now" and dove behind his chair for cover before emerging in hi-vis and packing an Austeyr.

"Lawfare is hell!" he said before firing a burst into the press gallery.

"They'll never take my precious bodily fluids!"


Could the frontbenchers leaking cabinet secrets please stop as it's making Mr Abetz awfully cranky.

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