Ancient practice linked to change in spirit, body of people

FIND closure in your life with mudra. Mudra is a physical hand gesture used to channel closure and has an effect on the energy flow of the body.

Ancient practice of yoga links the hand mudras to the changing spiritual and mental aspects of a person.

Mudra, also known as hand yoga, involves placing the hands and fingers in certain positions.

Practice the different types of mudra for physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

This week we look at vayu mudra (air) which helps to regulate the element of air inside the body.

  • Press the tip of each index finger onto the mound of your thumb.
  • Fold your thumb so that it presses down lightly on the bent index finger.
  • The other fingers should be held straight.
  • Perform this mudra for as long as the problem that you are trying to alleviate persists.

It can also be practiced for 15 minutes every day to prevent problems relating to the imbalance of the air element inside the body from cropping up.

It can help relieve flatulence and joint pain related to rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis or gout.

It is also said to help with the uncontrollable tremors experienced by those suffering from Parkinson's disease and be used for pain management for the victims of polio.