CELEBRITY ANGLER: Dave Hodge 'The Barefoot Fisherman' at the Boyne Tannum HookUp.
CELEBRITY ANGLER: Dave Hodge 'The Barefoot Fisherman' at the Boyne Tannum HookUp. Andrew Thorpe

'Got myself in deep': Barefoot Fisherman will be a target

DAVID "The Barefoot Fisherman" Hodge is looking forward to his 13th Boyne Tannum HookUp next week but there is one aspect of the competition he's feeling nervous about.

The fish-filleting master and accurate lure thrower will become the centre of attention when he becomes the target for a children's lure-throwing competition.

"David Hodge is coming back down and will continue to do his lure-throwing demonstrations and fish filleting - he fillets a lot of fish for people who weigh in," HookUp president Jennifer McGuire said.

"He will also be floated on a pink flamingo on Saturday and Sunday for the kids to throw lures at him and we've got prizes to give away for those kids who can hit The Barefoot Fisherman with a lure.

"There'll be prizes for where they hit him, but they'll be dumb lures with the hooks removed so we won't hurt Hodgie."


Dave Hodge at Boyne Tannum HookUp 2018.
Dave Hodge at Boyne Tannum HookUp 2018. Matt Taylor GLA050518BTHU

Despite taking the necessary precautions, Hodgie is feeling a little anxious.

"As far as I know I've got myself in deep - I'm probably going to be in a lot of trouble actually," he said.

"I've got to wear safety glasses, a pink helmet and drink a cup of concrete for breakfast to harden up because I'm going to be the target.

"Apparently I'm going to be riding a pink flamingo so I think I'm going to need a bit more than coffee to get onto that but it will be good fun."

Arguably a HookUp veteran, Hodgie has scaled back the amount of shows he does but always leaves room on his calendar for this event.

"I used to do between 30-35 shows a year and I used to view it then as how many shows you did would increase your income, but now I've only selected about eight shows a year and (HookUp) is one of them," he said.

"It's family based and very community orientated as well. It's a really good-feeling competition - there's never any garbage there and it's all just straight-up about families and that you don't need to catch a fish for someone to win something.

"There's a lot of things about it that make it a really good comp but it's turned into more of festival now."

Other celebrities joining Hodgie at HookUp include celebrity chef Andy 'Phippsy' Phipps as well as Hook, Line & Sinker boys Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart.