Goondoon St crowds get under control

EVERY weekend night - or should it be early morning - a trip into Goondoon St would open the eyes of any law-abiding citizen.

It would also enhance our already high opinion of our police force, and make us realise just how important their role is in our community.

That's because every weekend one can expect to find drunken fights and police officers working hard to cope with the bad behaviour.

Apart from the obvious cause of this unrest - boozed hooligans - a lot of the problem has been the severe shortage of taxis to get the people off the streets in a rapid manner.

It's been a big difficulty, partly because of the extreme challenge to attract taxi drivers to work the late shift, but also because so many patrons have demanded that their taxi take them through a takeaway drive-through to grab a feed on the way home.

It's easy to see the result. Go past any takeaway and you'll see taxi after taxi lined up, waiting for their passengers to be served, and taking twice as long as it should have.

The recent decision by taxi operators to refuse to detour through takeaway joints has made a huge difference, according to police, and the taxi company should be thanked for making a difference.

However, that's just one step in a long line to change the nature of our CBD.

The rest is up to the people who choose to go to the pub and the nightclub for entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Surely it's one thing to have a few drinks and enjoy yourselves. It's a totally different thing if you get so tanked up that you can't control yourself and end up involved in a fight.

It's time these louts became responsible citizens. Who would want to be a late night police officer or taxi driver if that's what you had to face weekend after weekend?