Google sneaks Siri competitor onto Apple app store

APPLE'S famous Siri, the voice-activated helper that's come to represent recent iPhones and iPads, now sits side-by-side with its main competitor after Google snuck their own Google Now onto Apple's app store.

Google has included Google Now in its search app for iDevices, meaning iPhone and iPad users have the option of ditching Siri for the search giant's more successful offering.

A blog post released by Google today touts the features of their voice service while not once mentioning Siri.

Siri itself seems to have noticed, as when asked for an opinion on Google Now it replies "If it's all the same to you, I'd rather Google later."

Side-by-side tests comparing Siri and Google Now have left many tech reviewers more impressed with the Google app's performance, compounding the issues Apple have experienced since the nightmare release of their iOS 6 maps.