WAITING FOR RELEASE: Live fish in the tank at the HookUp 2018
WAITING FOR RELEASE: Live fish in the tank at the HookUp 2018 Mike Richards

Good weather brings in the big fish to HookUp

LIVE fish catches were down initially at this years HookUp as fine weather enticed boaties to hit the reefs longer.

HookUp member, Andrew Davis, said the good weather and small tides were a big factor in the number of large, dead fish being presented for weighing.

"We normally weigh in more live fish than dead each year, but this year that's been reversed because of the good weather."

The biggest dead fish HookUp committee member, Andrew Davis, can recall being weighed was a Spanish Mackerel that tipped the scales at 33kg.

"We've got one in the fridge at the moment which weighs 28kg," he said.

The statistics were reversed on Sunday when strong breezes blew up forcing most competitors to seek sheltered waters.

By midday on Sunday, the live fish measuring and weighing team were kept busy recording the steady stream of live fish being presented.

Fish measurer, Matthew Muller, said his hands were like pincushions.

Judging from the number of bream, whiting, flathead and Mangrove Jack most of the fishermen have been hitting the estuary's today.

Infofish statisitics revealed the following numbers for live fish presented to the weigh-in team.

Friday 104, Saturday 202 and Sunday 199.

Another interesting statistic was provided by HookUp President Jenny McGuire.

"In the last three years the number of junior entrants in the competition has grown from 200 to over 700, and we're seeing a lot more girls fishing now too," she said.