Good bugs, bad bugs and diseases

BUGS are a huge part of a garden's ecosystem.

Some are pests but others work to maintain plants and nutrient soil.

Calliope Garden Club will learn all about the good bugs, bad bugs and diseases at its 2019 Special Guest Speaker Event.

Gardening writer Denis Crawford will travel from western Victoria to speak at the event.

Denis Crawford will talk about good and bad bugs at the Calliope Garden Club event
Denis Crawford will talk about good and bad bugs at the Calliope Garden Club event

Mr Crawford will give two talks about the importance of bugs in the garden.

He said often gardeners were familiar with bugs damaging their plants but not necessarily the ones helping.

Pollinating bugs helped plants thrive, while others controlled pest species.

"There's also a range of insects which help with the nutrition cycle in helping to break down certain things and return nutrients to soil," he said.

"The bugs like dung beetles are often unnoticed."

He said as a tropical area, the region had a greater diversity of insect species than temperate areas.

"To be able to sort the good from the bad is a good thing," he said.

Event guests will learn what bugs are in their garden and how to be more observant.

Mr Crawford has a lot of experience in the field of bugs.

He began his career in agricultural entomology and continued to work within the bug world.

He has written for gardening magazines and published a book, Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs.

Club membership secretary Diane Cornale said the event would be very educational.

She said usually speakers discussed the best plants to grow in the Central Queensland climate.

"We're trying to do something a little different this year," she said.

"Hopefully that generates a lot of interest with people who are having a problem with bugs."

The event starts at 11am on December 14 at Calliope Community Centre.

Tickets are $10 but free for club members.

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