LISTEN: Michael Harrigan explains the struggles of par 5

EIGHTY-four-year-old Burua man Michael Harrigan used to play the second hole of Gladstone Golf Course when it was known as the chicken run.

That was back in 1983, when there was a chicken coop in the backyard of one of the homes that sits alongside the fairway.

"We all went over the fence going down," he said.


The golf fanatic said the secret for golfers to not slice the ball was a good stance and direct contact with the ball.

"If the club head doesn't hit the ball point blank, square on, you will slice the ball," he said.

"The way you would stand is the right foot a little bit forward to take the ball away from the slice.

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"It is only marginal. You need to be extremely careful."

He said balance was key to a good swing with the body moving in the right direction.

"You don't go back on your swing when you're supposed to be coming forward," he said.

"Stay in that pivotal position where you just turn."

But he does admit it take practice.