Mr Dart made the citizen’s arrest. AAP Image/Richard Gosling
Mr Dart made the citizen’s arrest. AAP Image/Richard Gosling

Pensioner cleans up thief with mop

A GOLD Coast pensioner armed with a mop is on a mission to clean up crime after a stake out that ended with him detaining an alleged thief.

Elanora man Kelvin Dart decided to take matters into his own hands on Friday after full packets of cigarettes and butts went missing from residents' balconies at Cupania Pl in Elanora.

Despite complaints to the police, the intruder continued to strike each night and making off with their smokes.

An outraged Mr Dart, a former serviceman and boxer, decided to try catching the durry desperado red handed by hiding behind a bush.


Mr Dart said he was motivated to take him on for his girlfriend and her daughter, who were terrified by the fact someone was creeping around their backyard.

"They were at home inside while this guy was out the back stealing. They were there every single time," he said.

"It was the same time every night and this happened three nights in a row.

"So I said I will wait for him - I sat out beside the house, behind a bush."

Mr Dart said he only grabbed the mop after hearing the intruder jump over the fence into the backyard.

"I was sitting there, I had a mop handle as protection because I didn't know if he would have a knife or whatever," he said.

"I watch too many police shows - when I saw him I said 'Do not move', 'go to the ground', 'do not move'.

"I held him there in position, not physically, but threatening him with the stick until the police arrived.

The man who was detained by Mr Dart and his mop.
The man who was detained by Mr Dart and his mop.

"By the time they had come, the neighbours had all heard me yelling 'do not move' and had come to see if I needed assistance.

"By the end of it there were about 20 of us."

The pensioner said he had a little Dutch courage to help him in his quest to nab the fag forager.

"I was there drinking my wine while I was hiding behind that tree, but I never got scared because I never had time to get scared - It all happened too quickly," Mr Dart said.

"Thank God he didn't fight."

The police soon arrived just after 6pm and detained the man.

Police said an 18-year-old man has been charged with one count each of breaking and entering, and of theft.

He is due to appear in court later this week.