Daine Robert Johnson leaving court with barrister Jason Buckland.
Daine Robert Johnson leaving court with barrister Jason Buckland.

Man’s big lie to get escort to perform sex act

A GOLD Coast man who pretended to be an undercover police officer in order to convince an escort to perform a sex act on him and had previously beaten sex workers has promised to change his ways.

The promise comes despite Daine Robert Johnson having previously been jailed for violently assaulting and robbing sex workers after they had performed services for him.

The woman forced to perform the sex act described it as a "sheepish, timid and horrible" experience.

Johnson, 37, promised Judge David Kent he had changed after pleading guilty this morning in Southport District Court to one count each of fraud and assume designation or description of a police officer.

"I have my wife and my little daughter now," Johnson said.

"They are my main concern. I have been trying to make myself a better person."

Mr Kent sentenced him to two years prison with parole release today.

Johnson had spent eight months in pre-custody.

"If you want to try and assault women in this position the courts are going to put you in jail for longer and longer," Mr Kent said.

"You need to realise that these complainants and the system does not have to put up with this."

Mr Kent also ordered Johnson pay the woman $200 in restitution.

Crown prosecutor Denise Darwin said Johnson on February, 18 2015 booked a 24-year-old sex worker in for a "service" at her unit.

When he met the sex worker, he told her he was an undercover cop and was making a recording.

The sex worker was told because she had admitted she did not have a licence she was committing a crime.

Ms Darwin said the woman was told if she performed the sex act she would not be charged.

He also told her that if she performed the sex act he could make a fake recording which did not show her admitting to not having a licence.

The court was told the woman felt intimidated by Johnson's size and not comfortable to leave as he was blocking the door.

She reluctantly agreed to perform the sex act.

"She described it as the most sheepish and timid experience of her life," Ms Darwin said.

"She said 'It was one of the most horrible things I had to do'."

Defence barrister Jason Buckland, instructed by Brooke Winter Solicitors, said Johnson did not threaten violence on the woman at any stage.

He said Johnson was now working and but a significant portion of his income went towards renting his home where he lived with his wife and daughter.

The court was told Johnson was jailed in 2008 after being convicted of violently beating and robbing sex workers after they performed a sex act for him.