Year 12 student going out in great style

AFTER 12 years, Hannah Richards has just three days left of school.

"It is really exciting," the Gladstone State High School student said.

"I think it will feel real when it's next year and I don't have to go back to school again."

But before graduation day, Hannah had to get through one of the biggest nights for grade 12 students - prom.

It was held last night at the marina in the Gladstone Entertainment Centre, and Hannah spent most of yesterday getting ready.

The prepping started from 10am as Hannah said she had to wax her eyebrows, do her nails, get her clothes and accessories ready and get her hair and make-up done.

"It has been pretty fun.

"I am kind of nervous for tonight; I just don't want to fall over," Hannah said.

With a mid-length metallic purple gown and silver shoes, Hannah chose a half-up style with curls to complement her outfit.

"My dress is plain at the front so I want to make it more interesting," she said.

To save funds Hannah said she purchased her dress online and made sure it was one that she could wear to another event.

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