ON A ROLL: Matt Millar has invested in his own capabilities with his bungee trampoline business.
ON A ROLL: Matt Millar has invested in his own capabilities with his bungee trampoline business. CONTRIBUTED

Going far on leaps of faith

THE squeals and giggles of children's pure delight are a testimony to the success of Sunshine Coast entrepreneur Matt Millar.

The 24-year-old self-made businessman - the creator and owner of Aussie Jump bungee trampolines - was originally a welding apprentice when the opportunity for something different presented itself.

"I never really had a plan in life," Matt said.

"I've taken every step with a leap of faith and everything has fallen into place, including the bungee trampolines.

"After working on one myself as a teenager at Mooloolaba Beach, I was guided by (then boss) Robert Lee into buying my first machine when I was 18."

Robert is the founder of Aero Jump and the original engineer behind the Sunshine Coast bungee trampoline design.

Born and raised on the Coast, Matt felt he needed a change in scenery to develop and grow his new trampoline business.

"I moved to Sydney when I was 18, and not knowing one person at the time in Sydney was tough," he said.

"But there's certain qualities you gain when moving away from who you rely on, so I grew up very quickly.

"That's when my business really started to take off."

His age never held him back from pursuing opportunities, but he certainly turned heads from big corporations such as Westfield during business site meetings.

With Robert's bungee trampoline set up at Noosa and other Sunshine Coast beaches, Matt mainly travels with his business from the Gold Coast to his home in Cronulla. He admits that it can be a very active and demanding business, and he relies on the support of his young employees back in Sydney.

"I have three young adults working for me at the moment," he said.

"They're really good and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

"I do have something in the pipeline for expanding the business, but I need to work out exactly where I want to go and how I'm going to get there."

Always the optimist, Matt encourages any young person with a business plan or opportunity to "seize the moment".

"Just have a go and do what you love doing," he said.

"Try not to worry about tomorrow.

"If you worry about tomorrow you won't live today."